Living by the Circle and

“First Feather”

This piece is called “First Feather”. It is the story of how eagle feathers are taken with the Dine’h nation. We do not kill the eagle, but capture them, honoring them for 4 days while a few feathers are taken. The eagle is released and the first feather taken is given back to the earth, buried. This is done as an offering the Mother Earth, thanking her for the blessings that come from the feather. Here you see Mother Earth holding her feather. The patterns around her are called comfort patterns, which remind us of the comforts that the Earth gives us.

Quote by (the late) Rex A. Begaye
“Living by the Circle”

“When you view my artwork, notice that there are many circles throughout. They symbolize our connection to the universe, Father Sky and remind us of the way of life of the Native people. To live by the circle is to give something back when something is taken. This maintains balance. If we continue to take from the Earth and not give back, we will continue to create imbalance upon the earth, as we see all around us. To live by the circle is to live in balance. Even if it is just a thought, the energy of giving back is still present. If we pick food from a garden, we say a prayer of thanks to give back. It’s the missing piece in the Western world.”

The creation of “Creation”

Our Mission

Preserving the Path of Beauty and vision of (the late) Navajo artist Rex A. Begaye by building bridges between Native American Indian culture and community through art, music, dance and education.

First Feather Gallery is dedicated to the preservation of Dine’h (navajo) artist, Rex A. Begaye.

Rex spent his life creating a beautiful legacy of artwork dedicated to the preservation of his Native American culture. Through Rex’s art, he passionately shared the stories, traditions and environmental teachings of the Dine’h(navajo) and other Nation’s stories. First Feather Gallery continues Rex’s mission to share his culture with the people of the Earth.

Our Vision

Nestled in the heart of Sarasota, First Feather Gallery is a space for people to learn, experience and collect the art of (the late) Rex A. Begaye along with supporting many Native American artisans.

First Feather Gallery envisions being a part of the beautiful expansion that is taking place here in Sarasota. A part of the wave of new energy anchoring and contributing to the palpable pulse of creativity flowing. Whether it’s art, music, dance, film or food, Sarasota offers a unique experience of culture, creating a colorful tapestry within our local community.

Woven into this fabric you’ll find architecture, design and health conscious living to name a few, making up the multifaceted threads within the tapestry of artisans here.

First Feather Gallery weaves a piece of Native American culture to our community, by sharing (the late) Rex’s vision with Sarasota and the Earth.

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