Red Canyon Dreams (giclee print)

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"Red Canyon Dreams"

In the late 1980's in the beginning of Rex's career as a full time artist, he began a series of acrylic on canvas paintings representing the beauty of the Earth through the face of a woman. These pieces are filled with traditional rug pattern, pottery designs in soft sand tones.

Rex found that when he gave Mother Earth the face of a woman, people payed more attention to his message, so it became a theme throughout his career as an artist.  This piece is one o his first in this series and is part of a Private Collection.  This painting was purchased from Rex in the early 1990's and is being brought out for public sale.

This is a giclee archival print with "signature authentification" from First Feather Gallery. Available sizes are 8 1/2x11, 12x16 and 16x20

The original is acrylic on canvas board

Available on T-Shirt upon request