Remembrance (giclee print)

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This piece talks about the return of the Dineh' People in the mid 1860's after they were taken from their lands on what is called "the long walk".

They were walked from Arizona to New Mexico and held for four years. Rememberance honors the hard journey home and strength of their people.

Monument Valley is the sacredness of the land. Comfort patterns surround Mother Earth and her child reminding us of all the gifts she gives us.

The two boys speak of the Navajo legends and Creation Stories that have been passed down for millenium, asking us to take care of the Earth.

This is a giclee archival print with "signature authentification" from First Feather Gallery. Available sizes are 8 1/2x11, 12x16 and 16x20

The original is pen and ink on archival paper.

Available on T-Shirt upon request