A Sign of Hope (giclee print)

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 "A Sign of Hope"

By (the late) Rex A. Begaye

Rex brought the white buffalo into his work as a sign of hope that we would learn to come together as one people and live in peace. He also spoke of it being a "wakeup call" for us to take better care of the Earth so we do not bring destruction upon us such as the legends of the comet impacts.

He explained that it was fortold that the white buffalo will continue to be born until we wake up, if we do not change our ways, by the time the 5th one is born, something major on the planet will take place. Mother Earth holds the 5th buffalo as the ancestors look on praying. The faces in the lightning are the spirits of the land.

This is a giclee archival print with "signature authentification" from First Feather Gallery.Available sizes are 8 1/2x11, 12x16 and 16x20

 the original is pencil and acrylic on layered handcut matboard.

Available on T-Shirt upon request