Ancestral Vision (giclee print)

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"Ancestral Vision"

By (the late) Rex A. Begaye

Rex described this piece as representing the story of the white buffalo. His description of the story is that it is foretold by the Lakota people that the birth of a white buffalo (that is acknowledged by the elders) is a sign to wake up, come together as one people and take care of the Earth. If by the fourth birth of a white buffalo we have not changed our ways, something significant will happen upon the Earth. Many see the white buffalo as a good sign, Rex always reminded us that is is also a wakeup call to be more responsible as caretakers of the planet.

The ancestors of different nations surround the buffalo, symbolizing the tribes that are connected to the white buffalo...the Lakota and surrounding tribes. The rainbow symbolizes healing, the planets talk about our connection to the universe.

This is a giclee archival print with "signature authentification" from First Feather Gallery. Available sizes are 8 1/2x11, 12x16 and 16x20

 The original is acrylic and pencil on board.

Available on T-Shirt upon request