Flute Dream (giclee print)

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"Flute Dreams"

By (the late) Rex A. Begaye

Inspired by while at the Melbourne flute festival, Rex dedicated this piece to the Native American flute and music. Kokopelli pops up quite a bit in Rex's collection, this one being one of the few acrylic on canvas pieces. The bear fetish symbolizes strength, the planets speak of our connection to the Universe and Father Sky. Monument Valley sits behind, reminding us about the sacredness of the land...to protect it. This piece is dedicated to the medicine of the flute and one of the last original works Rex completed before his passing.

This is a giclee archival print with "signature authentification" from First Feather Gallery. Available in 8 1/2x11,12x16, and 16x20

The original is acrylic on canvas.

Available on T-Shirt upon request